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Exhibition Details

Exhibition Name:

Stadiums, Past and Future

Description: Since the Ancient Games, the stadium has transformed little by little, becoming more structured and now multifunctional. Its place in the city has also changed, and its social role has affirmed itself. From being a place of experimentation and audacity, the stadium has become an “architectural gesture,” an added value created by the greatest architects, which always appears in the city or region’s tourist brochures! This exhibition sets out to look at the stadium, this rather frightening colossus, through the prism of time.

The stadium will be looked at as a whole, and not just in terms of architecture. It consists of three parts, starting with the basic functions of the stadium (a place in which a sports performance can be refereed and where spectators can come together); the first part will look at its long history since Antiquity. The central part will look at the present day, focusing on the characteristics and challenges involved in building a stadium today, whether in terms of sustainability or the number of people involved. The final part will look at the future of stadiums: distant future, with a presentation of utopian stadiums, but also the near future, looking at the technology soon to be available and its impact on spectator numbers in stadiums.

Have a look at the "Stadiums, Past and Future" video here:
Category: Science & Technology
Primarily Consists Of: Text/Graphic Panels
Cost: 20,000 USD per month
Size: 4’300-6’500 sq ft
Venue Length: Minimum 3 months
Availability: From July 2017
Special Requirements: Surface area 400-600m2 (4’300-6’500 sq ft) Type of exhibition ready-made Available from July 2017 Main audience general public Scenography modular structures Languages ENG/FRE (other adaptation possible) Scenography A layout created for traveling, 450m2 but adaptable, plan for a few partitions to be reconstructed on site; Interactive devices; Sensory experiences to highlight the strength of images and sound; An immersive surround-sound experience related to the theme. Touring Presentation in Lausanne: October 2016-May 2017, and then available for hire as from July 2017. Developed in French and English, changing the language will be possible. Transport and rental fees upon request.
Previous Venues: The Olympic Museum in Switzerland: October 2016-May 2017
Organization: International Olympic Committee
Contact: Mr. David Parietti
Address: Quai d'Ouchy 1, Lausanne, 1006 Switzerland
Phone: +41216216651
Fax: +41216216512
Email: Please sign in to view email address.

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