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Exhibition Details

Exhibition Name:

Marc Chagall: Engraved Magic

Description: Chagall's etchings reveal a balance of different tonal values, extraordinary skill in mixing whites and blacks, and a distinctive and delicate touch. Among the amazing etchings in the exhibition is the rare series of 96 illustrations of Nikolay Gogol's poem "Dead Souls" ("Les Ames mortes"), created in the 1920s but published only in 1948. The etchings give new life to the work, describing exactly and vividly the writer's lucid, yet compassionate views on human nature.

With more than 400 works to draw from, this exhibition can include more than 100 plates illustrating both The Fables of La Fontaine (1927 - 1930) and The Bible (1956). For these series, Chagall was inspired by a pilgrimage to Palestine, which became a spiritual journey as well as an unforgettable visual experience, as seen in his desert landscapes bathed in blinding light.
Category: Art
Primarily Consists Of: Objects, 2-Dimensional (wall-mounted)
Cost: Contact for information
Size: Dependent on the works selected; 100 - 800 linear ft
Venue Length: 12+ weeks
Availability: October 2018 and beyond
Special Requirements: N/A
Previous Venues: N/A
Organization: Exhibits Development Group
Contact: Willis Klatt
Address: 214 East 4th Street, Suite 170, St. Paul, 55101 USA
Phone: 651-222-1121
Fax: 651-222-1124
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