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Exhibition Name:

Indian Country: The Art of David Bradley

Description: Immediate availability! David Bradley (b. 1954), Minnesota Chippewa, creates narrative artworks which tell stories and histories not often heard by non-Native people nor understood from a Native American perspective. Saturated with a powerful Native voice and evocative visual descriptions of Indian experience, Bradley’s artworks depict historical, social, and political truths, personal narrative, and cultural critique. Through his artwork he challenges stereotypes about Native American people, places, and events we think we understand, revealing the indigenous experiences at the core of what it means to be American. As Bradley has said, “I try to use my art to spotlight the Indian worldview and sociopolitical realities. To expose social injustice is to begin to overcome it.” As a young man, just out of the Peace Corps, Bradley came to the American Southwest to study art at the Institute of American Indian Arts, and received his BA in Fine Arts from The College of Santa Fe in 1980. For more than 30 years he has lived and worked in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the qualities of light and color in his work shows the influence of the thin and dry high-desert air. While the decorative color, patterned surfaces, and an overall flatness and linearity of his paintings highlights biting content which he tempers with humor and irony, Bradley’s mixed media works are more visceral ventures into the painful history of Native American lives. A fully illustrated, four-color companion publication with 77 color images is available.
Category: Art
Primarily Consists Of: Objects, 2-Dimensional (wall-mounted)
Cost: $25,000 plus pro rated shipping
Size: 1200 sf
Venue Length: 3 months
Availability: October - December 2017
Special Requirements: Exhibition includes all casework, labels and text panels for display.
Previous Venues: Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, Santa Fe, NM
Plains Art Museum, Fargo, ND (current)
Organization: Guest Curator Traveling Exhibitions
Contact: Cynthia Graves
Address: PO Box 9601, Santa Fe, 87501 USA
Phone: (505) 988-5839
Email: Please sign in to view email address.

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