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Description: Performing over 20% on attendance projections at latest venue, POPnology is a family friendly exhibit that draws in crowds! This interactive, engaging exhibit makes the connection: how technology has been influenced by movies, books, television, art, and futurists. Which science-fiction today will become reality tomorrow? POPnology takes us from fantasy to the reality of driverless cars, robots, drones, 3D printers – and into the future. POPnology not only chronicles our progression from science-fiction to science fact, but also illuminates emerging technologies that are just now showing up on our cultural radar.

How We Play – the future of toys and games. Is virtual the new reality?
How We Connect – the revolution in communication technology
How We Live and Work – Inventions and Ideas that shape our daily lives
How We Move – the future of transportation on earth and beyond

Nvidia Driverless Car
A supercomputer on wheels
3D Printed Car
A POPnology exclusive
Rail Robot
Are you faster than a robot?
3D Printing Demonstration
The next Industrial Revolution
Dino Egg 3 Finger Robot
Telepresence and skill test
Software Programming
Create art with code
Social Media Station
Visitors share on Facebook
Cell Phone Deconstructed
A day without a smartphone
Giant Phone Photo Op
A 6’ Motorola brick phone
Live demos every 10 minutes
Oculus Rift Experience
Virtual reality
NASA/JPL Mars Rovers
Exact replicas from NASA
Tablet Band
Musical creativity/cooperation
Category: Science & Technology
Primarily Consists Of: Hands-On Activities
Cost: $175,000
Size: 8,000+ square feet
Venue Length: 12+ weeks
Availability: January-July 2019
Special Requirements:
Previous Venues: Museum of Science, Boston
Ronald Reagan Library
Air Zoo Kalamazoo
California State Fair
Los Angeles County Fair
Arizona Science Center
Organization: Exhibits Development Group
Contact: Willis Klatt
Address: 214 East 4th Street, Suite 170, St. Paul, 55101 United States
Phone: 651 289 6751
Email: Please sign in to view email address.

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