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Exhibition Details

Exhibition Name:

REPLAY: The Exhibition

Description: Using both traditional and unexpected mediums, the works featured in this exhibition create a visual dialogue that examine the anthropological nuances of the lingua franca that result from a shared sense of nostalgia. The onlooker is taken on a discernible journey of identity, into a universe where popular culture references are king, and role-playing with iconography is highly encouraged. These suggested moments are sentimentally juxtaposed with a convergence of heroic fantasies, alternate realities and the weighty burdens that come with the expectation of growing up. REPLAY is a delightful and at times, whimsical, exploration of what happens when childhood notions are viewed through the adult lens of an Proustian involuntary memory, or as some might simply say - “a throwback.”
Category: Art
Primarily Consists Of: Objects, 2-Dimensional (wall-mounted)
Cost: Please contact
Size: Scalable 3000-4000 square feet
Venue Length: 8 Weeks
Availability: Available June 2018: Summer-Fall 2018
Special Requirements: Touring information: - Unique and rare mediums, from Rubik's Cubes to LEGO® bricks, all celebrating some of pop-culture's most infamous icons. - Over 13 mid-career and emerging artists from around the world, with 35+ curated works of art. - Introductory exhibition video that plays on a repurposed standup arcade game. - Exhibition materials include; Educational guide, Text panels, Video assets. - Exhibition booking fee, plus weekly fee and inbound shipping. Please contact for pricing.
Previous Venues:
Organization: AOTG
Address: , , USA
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