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Exhibition Details

Exhibition Name:

Reinventing Reality: Explore the Science of Virtual Reality


Reinventing Reality features engaging, interactive exhibits that deconstruct how virtual and augmented reality work. Each inquiry-based experience is a mini-experiment in perceptual psychology, computer vision, 3D computer graphics and audio, or engineering. Visitors playfully discover how these major building blocks work and experience first-hand what it takes to create a convincing, simulated reality. 


Highlights include: 

Build a Virtual Reality Headset: Experiment with how different sensors, tracking and displays and lenses combine to make cutting-edge virtual reality. 

Augmented Reality + Computer Vision: Learn how computers 'see' and correctly place virtual objects. 

Full Body VR: Dive into a fully immersive VR experience which integrates all the exhibition's themes into a compelling and visceral experience. 

Applications of VR & AR: Explore career paths and witness the impact these technologies are having on medicine, gaming, sports, training, education and storytelling. 


The exhibition is entirely bilingual, in English and Spanish.


Category: Science & Technology
Primarily Consists Of: Hands-On Activities
Cost: Please inquire
Size: 5,000 - 7,000 square feet
Venue Length: 12 weeks minimum
Availability: From summer 2020
Special Requirements:
Previous Venues:
Organization: Virtual Science Center
Contact: Heather Birchall
Address: 100 South Murphy Avenue, Sunnyvale , 94086 USA
Phone: 408-207-5603
Email: Please sign in to view email address.

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