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Exhibition Details

Exhibition Name:

A History of Walls: The Borders We Build

Description: A History of Walls: The Borders We Build examines important walls built by nation-states, prompting visitors to grapple with questions regarding why we build walls and how we interact with them. The exhibit explores four significant historic walls. From the Israel/West Bank Barrier to the Great Wall of China, from the Berlin Wall to the wall along the US-Mexico border, A History of Walls looks at the history of and meaning behind these massive infrastructural elements. The centerpiece of the exhibit is a large freestanding wall. It’s imposing. The stories on the wall really make you think. The wall itself makes you feel. The entire exhibit is presented in both English and Spanish. All of the exhibit content is also available in a web format optimized for screenreaders.
Category: History
Primarily Consists Of: Text/Graphic Panels
Cost: $125 / day plus shipping (Discounts available for Fall 2019!)
Size: 1,500 sq ft
Venue Length: Variable
Availability: Flexible Dates in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020
Special Requirements:
Previous Venues: Coronado Quivira Museum
Organization: Overland Exhibits
Contact: Joel Gaeddert
Address: 106 W 24th St, North Newton, 67117 USA
Phone: 800-683-0282
Email: Please sign in to view email address.

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