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Exhibition Name:

Expedition Earth


Expedition Earth greets visitors with the sights and sounds of the world's biomes, including tundra, grasslands, deserts, forests, and aquatic. Visitors take on the role of field scientist in this very interactive exhibit. Dozens of hands-on activities engage visitors of all ages as they learn about habitats, systems, species diversity, adaptation, and more. The five research tents allow visitors to use scientists' tools and equipment, learning how they record and utilize their data. Huge photos and videos from around the world draw the visitors into each scene where they are joined by colorful characters from the Adventures of Riley book series. Exploring the world by peeking, poking, prodding, and building, Expedition Earth is great learning fun for all!

Some of the interactives include:

  • Try on climbing gear
  • Observe small critters on the canopy raft
  • Put a jaguar "footprint" and leaf "specimen" in a field journal
  • Collect air temperature and rainfall data
  • Find their way with map and compass
  • Use pictures and a dichotomous chart to identify frog species
  • Count tree rings to find the age of a tree
  • Create food chains with who-eats-whom boards
  • Investigate a prairie dog den
  • Design a critter
  • Crawl through a coral reef
  • Identify ice seal species
  • Weigh and measure a "bear cub
  • Try on snowshoes
  • Study maps of changing arctic ice
  • Use microscopes, magnifying glasses, and binoculars
  • Stay warm in a polar bear den
  • Use Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR computer simulation) to locate polar bear dens
  • Encounter actual (but not live) animal specimens like a polar bear and bison
  • More!
Category: Environment & Ecology
Primarily Consists Of: Hands-On Activities
Cost: $70,000; plus in-bound shipping
Size: 5,000 Square Feet
Venue Length: 3 months
Availability: 2017 and beyond
Special Requirements: Call for info
Previous Venues: Call for info
Organization: NRG! Exhibits
Contact: Seth! Leary
Address: 211 Kirkland Avenue #207, Kirkland, 98033 USA
Email: Please sign in to view email address.

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