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Exhibition Details

Exhibition Name:

Ultimate Dinosaurs

Description: Ultimate Dinosaurs reveals a new breed of dinosaurs that evolved in isolation in South America, Africa and Madagascar—dinosaurs unfamiliar to most North Americans. Cutting-edge technology puts a new twist on bringing these prehistoric creatures to life in the 21st century! From the tiny Eoraptor to the massive Giganotosaurus (T. rex's bigger, badder cousin), Ultimate Dinosaurs is a fascinating study of species you may not have met before. This is not your ordinary dinosaurs exhibition. Feel the exciting and intimidating presence of these exotic creatures as you wander among the more than 20 life–size casts and 20 additional prehistoric specimens. Then use the augmented reality interactives to experience these dinosaurs in the flesh—animated and rendered according to the most recent scientific findings. Ultimate Dinosaurs is bilingual in English and French with web-based Spanish and English audio guide.
Category: Natural History
Primarily Consists Of: Hands-On Activities
Cost: Please contact for participation fee information
Size: 7,000 - 10,000 square feet
Venue Length: 3 or 6 month terms (typical)
Availability: Spring 2018 (30% discount under average price)
Special Requirements: Minimal ceiling height: 14 ft; 3,000 s.f. of storage required for crates and packing materials
Host venue must provide a skilled forklift driver for a period of the installation
Normal power requirements
Previous Venues: Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, ON
Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati, OH
Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN
Science Center of Iowa, Des Moines, IA
Science World, BC, Vancouver, BC
Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee, WI
Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, ON
San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego, CA
References available upon request
Organization: Science Museum of Minnesota
Contact: Breezy Callens
Address: 120 West Kellogg Blvd., Saint Paul, 55102 United States
Phone: 651-221-2547
Fax: 6512214590
Email: Please sign in to view email address.

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