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Eleventh-Hour Notices

From the Traveling Exhibitions Database

The following are traveling exhibitions available in the next twelve months. The listings are from the Traveling Exhibitions Database (TED), which contains over 400 available exhibitions. Click on an exhibition title below and you will navigate to the selected exhibit's page/listing in the Traveling Exhibitions Database.

If you have a last-minute need or last-minute availability, contact us here. Please send your listing information in the format of the exhibition listings below.

We will post your notice as soon as possible. Notices remain for 3 months.

Exhibition Organization Category Availability Cost Size
36) The Machine Inside: Biomechanics Field Museum Science & Technology Spring 2019 and beyond Discounted pricing available; please inquire 5,000 sq ft
37) Chocolate Field Museum Natural History Spring 2019 and beyond Discounted Pricing Available; Please inquire 4,500 square feet
38) Mammoths & Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age Field Museum Natural History Fall 2019 and beyond Please inquire 5,000 sq. ft.
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