XOXO: An Exhibit About Love & Forgiveness

Exhibition Name:
XOXO: An Exhibit About Love & Forgiveness

XOXO: An Exhibit About Love & Forgiveness is an exhibit where you are encouraged to play, act silly, and consider what makes you sad, mad and happy. Visitors will asks questions, listen and learn about themselves and the people around them. This exhibit encourages visitors to take a deep breath and explore these feelings through interactive experiences. Using facial expressions, words, movement and art making, XOXO explores what love and forgiveness mean to you, and to others. Explore how we learn about love and forgiveness through activities that get us to feel and talk about these emotions. In this exhibit, visitors can: * Hold hands with someone to illuminate a hidden message about love. * Write down a loving thought and press it into a token to keep or gift. * Work together to balance on a bubble seesaw or connect an infinite puzzle. * Explore facial expressions and build with Face Blocks. * Draw or write down what makes you angry or sad and crank it through a paper shredder.

Children (for or about)
Primarily Consists of:
Hands-On Activities
1,500 - 2,000 sq ft
Venue duration:
3 Months
Summer 2021 and beyond
Special Requirements:
Previous Venues:

1. DuPage Children's Museum, Naperville, IL 2. Explora!, Albuquerque, NM 3. Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia 4. Thanksgiving Point, Lehi, UT 5. Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, IN 6. Kalamazoo Valley Museum, Kalamazoo, MI

Rachel Mastromarino
10 Children's Way
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15212
United States
412-322-5058 ext 229

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