Never Alone

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Never Alone

What happens when everything is connected? This exhibition investigates the stories behind the rapidly expanding ‘internet of things’. In today’s world we are connected to internet devices more than ever before. These everyday objects are used on a regular basis and are found everywhere, including in our homes. ‘Smart’ devices can improve our lives by making us safer, bringing people together and making everyday tasks easier. Yet the connected world can also raise concerns over our privacy. Does being permanently online make you feel safe – or suspicious? In this exhibition you will rethink your relationship with internet-connected devices. Discover how these everyday objects can improve life and how they might overstep boundaries concerning our privacy. Find out how being connected is changing the world – and what it means for you. Never Alone is available to hire in the form of a Blueprint Pack allowing you to create a unique exhibition customized to your specific location and audience.

Science & Technology
Primarily Consists of:
Text/Graphic Panels
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flexible from 2000 sq. ft.
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Special Requirements:

Never Alone is offered as an Exhibition Blueprint Pack, allowing you to recreate our exhibition according to your venues space and programming interests. We send all the assets digitally. The exhibition content includes our interpretation, brand, visual identity, videos, animations and labels. In addition to content for the exhibition, the Exhibition Blueprint Pack contains many other assets, including ideas for engagement events, videos and teaching materials to encourage participation with the display and the venue. These materials provide the building blocks for your venue's education team to produce teacher packs and other learning materials specific to the needs of your audiences. The exhibition can be expanded or reduced in size according to your venue’s needs, and you are welcome to add content to fit with your programming and audience.

Previous Venues:

National Science and Media Museum, Bradford, UK Bletchley Park Trust, Bletchley, UK ITHRA (The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Cultural & Commercial Partnerships
Science Museum, Exhibition Road
London, , SW7 2DD
United Kingdom

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