Toys: The Inside Story II

Exhibition Name:
Toys: The Inside Story II

Peek inside some popular toys while exploring the basics of pulleys, cams, gears, linkages, and circuits. If your parents never let you break open your Etch A Sketch to find out how it works, or if you've been wondering how your toddler's push toy makes such a racket, you'll love Toys: The Inside Story. Designed for children and families.

**LEARNING GOALS** * Find out what makes toys move by exploring the mechanisms inside them: gears, wires, cams circuits, switches, linkages and pulleys. * You can activate a circuit and play a giant game of Operation®. * You can create your own toy-like combinations of gears, pulleys, linkages, cams and circuits. * Learn now to turn a simple motion into one that is more complex. * See how when gears mesh, if you turn one gear, the others turn. * Find out how an industrial size gear can change the speed of a rotating shaft. * Discover how a worm gear and a cam mechanism work together inside a Jack-in-the-Box.

Partners: developed by the Montshire Museum of Science, Norwich, Vermont, TEAMS Collaborative
Funded by the National Science Foundation

Science & Technology
Primarily Consists of:
Hands-On Activities
$25,000 + inbound shipping
2,000 square feet
Venue duration:
3-1/2 months
Spring 2021 Price Negotiable
Special Requirements:

Insurance value and deposit.

Previous Venues:
  • Children's Science Explorium, Boca Raton, FL
  • Curious Kids Discovery Zone, St. Joseph, MI
  • Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, Springfield, OH
  • Imagination Place Children's Museum, Gadsden, AL
  • The DoSeum, San Antonio, TX
  • Tellus Science Museum, Cartersville, GA
  • Dacotah Prairie Museum, Aberdeen, SD
  • Kohl Children's Museum, Glenville, IL
  • Sciencenter, Ithaca, NY
Sharon Smallwood
601 First St
Ithaca, NY, 14850
607-272-0600 x128

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