Ocean Bound!

Exhibition Name:
Ocean Bound!

Journey through watersheds! What can YOU do in your watershed to protect our Ocean? Designed for a family audience.

Cluster 1: Using Science to Understand Watersheds

  • Introduction Kiosk—Education goals.
  • What's a Watershed?--Move the rain cloud; see how water flows over 3D terrain.
  • Where Does Your Water Go?--Light up the big map--Surprise!
  • Flow or Settle?--Flip clear tubes; learn how substances travel to sea.
  • Underwater Adventure!--Pilot a full-size "submersible" from mountain stream to ocean. Spin through watershed species and habitats in HD!
  • Wildlife Close-up--Be a biologist! Get fun facts on 65+ aquatic life forms.

    Cluster 2: Recognizing Threats to Watersheds

  • Tied to the Sea--Our ocean provides medicines, jobs and oxygen.
  • Storm Drain Downers--Divert "pollutants" in a "storm drain" ball machine; let "clean" water travel safely downstream.
  • Guide Water Safely to Sea--Guide a water drop on its hazardous journey from land to ocean.
  • Balancing Act--Interactive scale shows your water consumption; balance it with nature’s needs.

    Cluster 3: Finding Solutions to Watershed Problems

  • Science Saves the Day--Biologists helped river otters through watershed recovery.
  • Dead Zones--Fertilizer runoff creates dead zones--but they’re reversible!
  • Giant Ocean Garbage Patches--Garbage in the ocean harms marine mammals, birds and fish—but you can help!
  • Chemical Diagnosis--Find one chemical pollutant in a million.

    Cluster 4: Implementing Change

  • Riverside Clubhouse--Duck inside! Be a Watershed Warrior! Enjoy illustrated books.
  • Watershed Warriors—Spot which behaviors, rural or urban, affect watersheds.
  • Stop! Think!--Connect human actions with environmental impacts.
Environment & Ecology
Primarily Consists of:
Hands-On Activities
$40,000 + inbound shipping
3,000 sq. ft.
Venue duration:
3-1/2 months
FALL 2021
Special Requirements:

Electricity; Insurance Value; Deposit.

Previous Venues:

Sciencenter, Ithaca, NY
Children's Science Explorium, Boca Raton, FL
Danville Science Center, Danville, VA
Waterloo Region Museum, Kitchener, ON
Discovery Centre, Halifax, NS Catawba
Science Center, Hickory, NC
Children's Museum of La Crosse, WI
Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center, Buford, GA
Virginia Aquarium, Virginia Beach, VA

Sharon Smallwood
601 1st Street
Ithaca, NY, 14850
United States
607-272-0600 128

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