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A sequel to the ANIMALS IN ART exhibition custom curated some years ago for The Miami MetroZoo will premiere at The Hansen Museum in Kansas from July 4th to Labor Day, 2021 to celebrate the opening of its newly renovated building. But instead of featuring just one work per artist, this edition, which is available on tour, will feature 8 groups by 8 artists, each represented by five thematically-related works to afford visitors the opportunity to experience the breadth and depth of each artist’s treatment and expression. Tucker Bailey, a painter and a sculptor who is known for her ability to artistically capture personalities of the horses she raises on 30 acres of North Carolina Piedmont, will be represented by a strong selection of equine sculptures. Joy Becker, who specializes in canine sculpture and is well known for her series of playful Dachshunds, will be represented by that breed and others including a Golden Retriever. Brian Jarvi, internationally renowned for his 32’ wide panorama, African Menagerie, will be represented by five easel paintings of lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo. Former President of the National Sculpture Society, Dan Ostermiller, is represented by a group of barn yard animals full of character: two cats: a rooster, a bull, a turkey and a pig! Paintings of animals of land and sea from throughout The Indian Ocean will be included by Gamini Ratnavira, a native of Sri Lanka, who has illustrated various books including The Mammals of Sri Lanka and An Illustrated Guide to The Birds of Sri Lanka. While former Smithsonian staff artist, Paul Rhymer, will be represented by wall relief sculptures of five animals emblematic of The American Southwest: peccary, road runner, quail on prickly pear and barrel cactus, jack rabbit, bobcat, plus a floor relief sculpture of a hippo thrown in for fun. Rounding out the exhibition will be livestock paintings including Holstein calves, goats, Charolais beef cattle, chickens and a portrait grouping, by Jan McAllaster Stommes who, with her husband, are co-owners of an agricultural supply business in central Wisconsin. Last but not least, is a group of North American Mountain-Plains wildlife – pronghorn antelope, elk, big horn sheep and two 7-foot tall showstoppers of a grizzly bear and a moose - by the incomparable Memphis-born painter, now of Colorado, Ezra Tucker.,-L.L.C..pdf

Primarily Consists of:
2D Objects (wall-mounted)
Mid-range exhibition fee plus shipping and in-house and in-transit insurance
40 Original Paintings and Sculptures
Venue duration:
Available for duration of eight weeks or longer
Special Requirements:

Climate Control, Security,-L.L.C..pdf

Previous Venues:

Premiere: Hansen Museum,,-L.L.C.1.pdf

David J. Wagner, Ph.D., Curator/Tour Director

Milwaukee, WI, 53217

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