AlegreMENTE | Happy Brain

Exhibition Name:
AlegreMENTE | Happy Brain

Alegremente | Happy Brain: Celebrating early connections visitors celebrate early connections together in a whimsical forest full of families of all kinds, both human and animal! Each interactive in Alegremente | Happy Brain: Celebrating early connections is designed to engage young children and their caregivers. Kids play and adults learn about how simple, everyday interactions build social-emotional, language, cognitive, and motor skills. Caregivers explore alongside their children, discovering they’re equipped with everything they need to support early brain development and build healthy connections with 0-6 year-olds. Interactive samples: In “Fiesta alegre | Happy Dance,” adults and children dance together while animal families from the forest move with the music, too. While dancing caregivers are encouraged to be Brain Builders with simple calls to action. Mirrors make the space developmentally appropriate for 0- to 2-year-olds as well as children as old as 6 years. “Illuminando el cerebro | Lighting Up the Brain” encourages children and adults to play together with a tilt table by rolling balls back and forth to represent brain cell connections. The surface lights up along the paths of balls to call attention to connections between children and their caregivers, and between neurons. Paths and neurons light up more and more as balls roll over and over again. Simple messages along the lighted paths highlight the brain-building value of serve-and-return.

Children (for or about)
Primarily Consists of:
Hands-On Activities
$40,000 + inbound shipping
1,500 sq. ft.
Venue duration:
3 months / 6 months
Spring 2023 & beyond
Special Requirements:
Previous Venues:
Catherine Diaz
1945 SE Water Avenue
Portland, OR, 97214
United States
(503) 575-8845

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