Robot Zoo, The

Exhibition Name:
Robot Zoo, The

Based on the book, The Robot Zoo, cutaways expose the animals' insides as a host of easily recognizable machine parts and gadgets, such as shock absorbers and pumps, demonstrate what makes animals work – muscles become pistons, intestines become filtering pipes and brains become computers. By comparing anatomy, environments, and size of the creatures to their mechanical counterparts, discover just how animals work. Three larger-than-life-size animated robot animals (chameleon, platypus, and housefly) and eight hands-on activities illustrate real-life characteristics, such as how a chameleon changes colors and a fly walks on the ceiling.
Body Shop: Learn different mechanical devices that make up the Robot Zoo animals.
Mr. Platypus: Attach different animals' arms, legs, and noses to the platypus body to create your own unusual character.
Eye to Eye: See how a fly sees the world through specialized lenses.
Swat a Fly: Test your reaction time (about one-twelfth as fast as a house fly) to swat randomly flashing flies.
Sticky Feet: See how it feels to climb a wall like a fly using Velcro hand paddles.
Keep an Eye on You: See how the chameleon views the world- through eyes that work independently. Move the robot's eyes with a joystick and two monitors show the separate images the eyes see.
Tongue Gun: Fire a long tongue at insect targets to demonstrate how the reptile catches food.
Hide and Seek: Wear a coat that matches a wall in the background to appear and disappear on a monitor.

Science & Technology
Primarily Consists of:
Hands-On Activities
Call for Pricing
2,500 square feet
Venue duration:
3 months
Tour ongoing
Special Requirements:

Minimum ceiling height of 10' ceiling, climate control, standard electrical supply

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Christi Klingelhefer
7979 Broadway, Suite 107
San Antonio, TX, 78209

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