Playing with Light

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Playing with Light

Created by the renowned Scitech in Perth, Australia, this exhibition with many applications such as vision, the beauty of rainbows, fiber optic communication, holographic security, and laser surgery, light provides the basis for much of our current technology and is largely responsible for the way we view our world. PLAY is a means to ignite the imagination for people of all ages. Open ended and without instruction, it offers the opportunity for exploration and creativity, but most importantly, it enables learning through experimentation, a key tenant of the scientific process. In drawing together PLAY and LIGHT, Scitech has created an exhibition experience like no other. Using basic physics principles, innovative interactive experiences and a sense of fun, Playing With Light offers the opportunity to explore our world and how it is illuminated through 22 exhibits with a multitude of outcomes. Key messages include: How light plays a vital role in our daily lives, how science helps us to describe and explain the behavior of light and to discover even more about the world around us, and how play and experimentation are important for learning.

Exhibits include: Entry; Laser Dodge; Sticky Light; Kaleidoscope; Bendy Mirror; Computer Vision; Make a Telescope; Change Your View; Color Shadows; Color Mixing; Paint with Infrared; See with a Spectroscope; Color Changes; Guiding Light; Light Investigation; Fiber Optic Transmission; Freeze Your Shadow; See in Slow Motion; Hologram; Concave Reflections; Polarized Light; Information Kiosks

Science & Technology
Primarily Consists of:
Hands-On Activities
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4,300 sq ft - 6,500 sq ft
Venue duration:
3 - 12 months
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Previous Venues:

Scitech - Perth, Australia
Springs Preserve, Las Vegas, NV
Orlando Science Center, Orlando, FL

Debbie Donohue
2870 Peachtree Road #418
Atlanta, GA, 30305

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