Survival: The Exhibition

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Survival: The Exhibition

Eyes open. Nothing is familiar. No one is around. You are miles from civilization and must now use your instincts and skills to survive, but don't worry, you have the planet's two most powerful tools at your disposal: your mind and your instinct for survival. Survival: The Exhibition places visitors in a simulated wilderness environment and combines STEM learning with gaming techniques in a hands-on, immersive exhibition that challenges visitors and teaches them the scientific principles behind 10 key survival techniques.

Visitors learn basic survival skills essential in not only extreme situations but also lessons derived from concepts used in daily civilization
- Material Science: building a shelter and making rope
- The Laws of Thermodynamics: required to start a proper fire
- Physics: creating tools Featuring hands-on interactives, Survival: The Exhibition will engage visitors of all ages with areas dedicated to:
-Caring for injured
-Finding or Creating clean drinking water
-Starting a fire
-Building a shelter
-Making tools
-Finding and growing food
-Essential hygiene
-Making materials and tying knots

Working individually and in groups, visitors strive for the ultimate goal of being discovered by rescuers, which occurs in a dramatic theatrical moment. In the Exhibition's final area, visitors recap their learning and emerge with the knowledge and confidence to SURVIVE in the wild.

Environment & Ecology
Primarily Consists of:
Hands-On Activities
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5,000-10,000 sq ft
Venue duration:
3 months minimum
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Special Requirements:

Adventure Zone is optional.

Previous Venues:

Witte Museum, San Antonio, TX New York Hall of Science

Debbie Donohue
2870 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, Georgia, 30305
United States

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