The Secret World Inside You

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The Secret World Inside You

Your body is brimming with microbes—trillions of them. In this traveling exhibition, explore the ecosystem that is the human microbiome.

Although many of us have been taught to fear microbes, only a tiny percentage actually make people sick. As scientists navigate this growing field of research, we're finding ways we can work with microbes to make our lives better than ever.

The Secret World Inside You is an engaging introduction to the amazing ecosystem that is the human microbiome. Find out what microbes are, where they live, and why they matter through larger-than-life models, digital interactives, and a live theater presentation.


  • An immersive light and mirror display represents the trillions of microbes that have found a home in each and every one of us — more microbes than there are stars in the Milky Way.
  • Large-scale digital interactives explore where microbes live, how they affect our bodies, and what happens when the microbiome is unbalanced.
  • A live presenter engages audiences to explore microbe diversity and how our actions affect these populations. (Video options available)
  • Videos with leading scientists in this rapidly developing field tell the story of our evolving understanding of health and disease.
  • Gigantic models, infographics, vibrant images and hands-on interactive exhibits bring the invisible world to life.
Science & Technology
Primarily Consists of:
Text/Graphic Panels
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7,000 – 8,000 sq. ft.
Venue duration:
Typically 16 weeks
Available in 2023!
Special Requirements:
Previous Venues:
Global Business Development
200 Central Park West
New York, New York, 10024
United States
212 313 7749

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