The Nature of Color

Exhibition Name:
The Nature of Color

The Nature of Color reveals the many roles of color in the natural world, across human cultures, and in our personal lives.

Explore the science of color, how colors make us feel, the history of color production, and how plants and animals use color to help them survive and reproduce.


  • Larger than life models reveal why some organisms come in eye-catching colors while others blend into the background.
  • Discover how colors can influence the way you feel and make decisions while playing a game show at an interactive kiosk or on your mobile device.
  • Explore the physics of color and light in a Color Lab.
  • Virtually dye indigo fabric and learn the history of pigments and trade.
  • See examples of some of the many uses of the color red throughout human history, from cave art to college sports.
  • Get creative without the mess while playing in a floor-to-ceiling painting interactive.
  • Celebrate the diversity of human skin tones with an art installation of portraits by Brazilian photographer Angélica Dass.
Natural History
Primarily Consists of:
Hands-On Activities
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7,000 - 8,000 sq ft
Venue duration:
Typically 16 weeks
Summer and Fall 2023, Summer 2025 and onwards
Special Requirements:

VENUE CEILING HEIGHT: 12 ft recommended (3.6 m)

Previous Venues:
Global Business Development
200 Central Park West
New York, NY, 10024

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