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Description: Do you think you have what it takes to be an astronaut? Take on the physical and mental challenges in the training center, experience a rocket launch, explore life in the Space Lab and investigate how to conduct science experiments in space. Can you work together to solve problems? Or accurately land a capsule? How would you eat, sleep or use the toilet in space? Explore these things and more in Astronaut!

There's no other job where you can find yourself quite as far above the Earth as that of an astronaut. From the Moon landings to the Mars One project, astronauts have become synonymous with adventure, exploration and endeavor. This new traveling exhibition allows visitors to step into their moon boots and experience the incredible world of the space explorer. The exhibits will be organized into three categories: --Training Astronauts --Getting To And From Space --Living And Doing Science In Space Comprehensive information about the exhibition will be available from late 2015.

PROPOSED EXHIBITIONS INCLUDE: Training Astronauts --Space Team --G-Force Spinning Capsule --Glovebox Training --Pick Your Team --Physical Testing Cluster --Who Wants To Be An Astronaut? Getting To And From Space --Communication: Houston We Have A Problem --Rocket Take-Off --Landers --Re-Entry Control Living And Doing Science In Space --Spot The Damage --Space Lab --Space Toilet --Space Living --Testing Space Rocks --Sleeping Capsule --View Of Earth --Growing Food In Space --Reaction Testing --Toys In Space --Choose Your Food --Astronaut Clothing --Live Stream
Category: Science & Technology
Primarily Consists Of: Hands-On Activities
Cost: Call for info
Size: 4,300 sq ft - 6,500 sq ft
Venue Length: 3-12 months
Availability: Summer and Fall 2018, Summer 2019
Special Requirements:
Previous Venues: Scitech - Perth, Australia
Space Center Houston, Houston, TX
Orlando Science Center, Orlando, FL
Springs Preserve, Las Vegas, NV
Organization: Imagine Exhibitions, Inc.
Contact: Debbie Donohue
Address: 2870 Peachtree Road #418, Atlanta, 30305 USA
Phone: 404-808-7578
Email: Please sign in to view email address.

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