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Exhibition Details

Exhibition Name:

Joan Miro: The Garden of Wonders

Description: One of Surrealism's leading personalities, Joan Miro was a key figure in 20th-century art. He left an indelible and universally recognized output through 70 years of ceaseless activity, working in a wide range of media: painting, drawing, etching, sculpture, and pottery, as well as producing monumental works and theatrical texts. Through some 250 graphic works, this exhibition explores the powerful relationship between Miro and the written word. It showcases a style characterized by biomorphic, stylized, two-dimensional elements. The Spanish master turned reality into a dream world, as powerfully seen in the 27 etchings he created in 1962 to illustrate the poetic texts of French writers Yves Bonnefoy, Jacques Dupin, and Andre du Bouchet. Miro's graphic works are considered a stepping-stone to his later masterpieces. He mastered the techniques of etching, burin, drypoint, lithography and the less common techniques of lineography and cartalegraphie.
Category: Art
Primarily Consists Of: Objects, 2-Dimensional (wall-mounted)
Cost: Contact for information
Size: Dependent on the works selected; 100 - 500 linear ft
Venue Length: 12+ weeks
Availability: October 2018 and beyond
Special Requirements: N/A
Previous Venues: N/A
Organization: Exhibits Development Group
Contact: Willis Klatt
Address: 214 East 4th Street Suite 170, St. Paul, 55101 United States
Phone: 6512221121
Fax: 651-222-1124
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