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Exhibition Details

Exhibition Name:

Nature's Ninjas - Defences of the Animal Kingdom

Description: Nature's Ninjas introduce visitors to some of the most incredible defenses in the animal kingdom. This exhibit will take visitors on a tour of these fascinating adaptations. This is one of our original exhibits and still remains as one of the most popular. Each animal comes armed with unique and intriguing defensive abilities to survive in a world red in tooth and claw. Exhibits are fully turnkey and include zookeepers from our accredited zoo's and nature centres. We provide interactive hands-on learning for all ages along with formal presentations scheduled throughout each day.
Category: Natural History
Primarily Consists Of: Live Organisms
Cost: $95,000 - $190,000
Size: 1,500 - 9,000
Venue Length: 3+ months
Availability: Availabilty September 12th, 2020 Contact to book
Special Requirements: Access to Water and Electricity
Previous Venues: Discovery Park of America Las Vegas Springs Preserve
Organization: Little Ray's Nature Centres
Contact: Shane McConnell
Address: 2781 Colonial Road, Ottawa, K0A 3E0 Canada
Phone: 6138631050
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