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Atomic Alert!: Confronting "The Bomb" in the New Atomic Age

Description: Atomic Alert!: Confronting “The Bomb” in the New Atomic Age explores the government’s efforts to educate Americans about what to do before an atomic attack; how to react to a sudden, blinding flash; and what action to take in the aftermath of an atomic blast. Featuring artifacts and interpretation from Michael Scheibach, Ph.D., independent scholar and author, Atomic Alert! offers a unique opportunity to revisit the early atomic age when the world was divided between two atomic-armed adversaries: the United States and the Soviet Union. In addition to Dr. Scheibach's collection, the exhibit features a large sculptural a-bomb interactive which allows visitors to explore the impact of a nuclear blast on a geographic area.
Category: Anthropology & Culture
Primarily Consists Of: Objects, 3-Dimensional (in cases/vitrines)
Cost: $125 / day plus shipping (Discounts available for Fall 2019!)
Size: 1,500 sq ft
Venue Length: Variable
Availability: Flexible Dates in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020
Special Requirements:
Previous Venues: Tour begins October 1, 2019.
Organization: Overland Exhibits
Contact: Joel Gaeddert
Address: 106 W 24th St, North Newton, 67117 USA
Phone: 800-683-0282
Email: Please sign in to view email address.

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