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Exhibition Details

Exhibition Name:

Wildlife Rescue - Hope on the Horizon

Description: Wildlife Rescue is about animals and the people who have dedicated their lives to helping them survive. Wildlife populations around the world are under enormous stress due to pollution, deforestation and habitat encroachment. Many species are becoming endangered while others are on the brink of extinction. Learn about amazing conservation success stories happening around the world and see why there is Hope on the Horizon.
Category: Natural History
Primarily Consists Of: Live Organisms
Cost: $95,000 - $190,000
Size: 4,000 - 10,000
Venue Length: 3 Months+
Availability: Availability April 29th, 2020 and Summer 2021
Special Requirements: Access to Water, Electrical
Previous Venues: Royal Botannical Gardens
Organization: Little Ray's Nature Centre
Contact: Shane McConnell
Address: 2781 Colonial Road, Sarsfield, K0A 3E0 Canada
Phone: 613-863-1050
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