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Exhibition Name:

BUGS: Outside The Box

Description: The world of insects is all around us. Cleverly camouflaged or flamboyant in their displays, their diminutive size frequently keeps them from attracting our attention. Important to science and necessary to the survival of all, the unexpected artistry and beauty of insects can usually only be fully appreciated under a magnifying glass. Until now. Bugs: Outside The Box) presents a selection of greatly enlarged, highly detailed, anatomically accurate insect sculptures each showcasing the beauty within the (mini)beasts of the natural world. Elegance of exquisite biological architecture shaped by evolutionary necessity is evident upon viewing these oversize insects. More than fanciful 'big bug' figures, Bugs: Outside The Box features anatomically correct, highly detailed hand-crafted works of art, challenging our preconceptions of the beauty and complexity of these extraordinary animals. Outhouse Exhibit Services specializes in creating extraordinary and one-of-a-kind traveling exhibitions, suitable for display at any type or size institution. Suitable for visitors of all ages, Our unique, natural history-based exhibit experiences inspire learning and exploration for all. In addition, our staff provides complete installation, staff training and all other administrative support to ensure a seamless, enjoyable experience for your staff as well as your visitors. Please visit our website for more information on this and other traveling exhibits currently available.
Category: Natural History
Primarily Consists Of: Objects, 3-Dimensional (in cases/vitrines)
Cost: $45,000 (call for special pricing for Fall 2020)
Size: 2,500 - 3,000 square feet
Venue Length: 12 Weeks
Availability: Summer 2020 and beyond
Special Requirements: Call for info
Previous Venues: Philadelphia Academy of Sciences, Philadelphia, PA North Museum of History and Science, Lancaster, PA Sam Noble Museum of Natural History, OK San Francisco Zoo, CA Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, Halifax Minnetrista Public Museum, IN Delaware Museum of Natural History Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum Canadian Museum of Nature Michigan Science Center
Organization: Outhouse Exhibit Services
Contact: Mia Schillace Nelson
Address: P.O. Box 18736, Minneapolis, 55413 USA
Phone: 612/961-0782
Fax: 612/379-3424
Email: Please sign in to view email address.

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