Traveling Exhibitions Database.

ILE's Traveling Exhibitions Database (TED) provides you with a comprehensive, growing listing of traveling exhibitions currently available or in development.You will find hundreds of traveling exhibitions presented in the TED today.

You can access the TED from our web site and by becoming a Subscriber. The Subscriber’s fee is US$85 for one year of unlimited access to the database. Also included in this Subscription is the opportunity to list an unlimited number of traveling exhibitions in the TED.

In addition, you can simply become a TED Lister for no fee. Listers can add traveling exhibitions to the web site but do not have full access to the database. All ILE Subscribers and Listers have an account on our web site where you can add and manage the content of your traveling exhibition listing(s) and your various subscriptions—making it very easy to make updates to your listings and subscriptions payment. All exhibition descriptions are required to be 250 words or less.

All exhibits listed in the database must be available for rent in North America.

All TED listings are presented in the same format—ensuring that every available exhibition provides the same array of helpful information in the same sequence and thus all are equally searchable by interested customers and colleagues. Exhibition listings expire after one year from listing date and can be renewed when they are updated each year on or before the expiration date.

How do you begin your exhibition search?

To help you narrow down your search, the traveling exhibitions are presented in the following categories: Anthropology & Culture, Children (for and about), Environment & Ecology, History, Natural History, and Science & Technology. You can also search the TED by entering key words related to your search—much like a Google search.

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Please note: we manually approve all new and renewed subscriptions to the TED. Please allow up to 48 hours for your access to begin (though we often get it approved much faster!). If it has been 48 hours and you are still not able to access the database, please send us an email through the 'contact us' link.